Speakers made from coconut timber in Bangalore! Read more

An eco friendly and a sustainable speaker has been made from a sheet of coconut timber in Bangalore. The speaker is been expected to be in production soon.

Consequently, the product has a power of 120 watts RMS and Impedance- 8 ohms, along with a transmission line design firing downwards. Also, the speaker includes drivers of Peerless by Tymphany Denmark drivers in it.

Coconut timber is a hardwood substitute from the coconut palm trees. In Philippines, it is referred as coconut lumber, or coco lumber, and elsewhere as cocowood or red palm.

Noise control is one of the major requirements to control noise pollution and hence one of the methods to do that is by sound absorber. Hence, coconut timber has been uses as a sound absorber for the speakers. Consequently, the coconut timber has good acoustic properties at low as well as at high frequencies. The speaker shows that it has a good potential to be an environmentally friendly product.


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