Regent is Transitioning Ferries into “Electric flying boats”

As fascinating as it sounds, electric flying boats will surely make our lives easier. After years of research and hard work, the company Regent has finally turned its thoughts into reality. There have been given facts that prove this to be true.

For instance, if we need to travel from one location to another, we have two options: flying or driving.

While a road trip takes twice as long as a flight, we’d clearly select the air route because it will take much less time. But what we frequently overlook is the enormous overhead that comes along with it. Arriving at the airport two hours prior to flight, checking in for security, boarding, and de-boarding. It might take a while.

However, what the Electric Flying Boat presently offers is that it is a much more tranquil and simple mode of transportation. It is as simple as going to the port, boarding the vessel like a ferry, and it departing as soon as you get on board. The ship takes to the air and accelerates to an airplane’s speed as soon as the harbour on a hydrofoil is cleared. According to the manufacturer, it can fly up to 180 miles on current battery technology but might increase the mileage to 500 with newer batteries.

Both the aeroplane and ferry sectors have shown a significant amount of interest. It is a product that is roughly 7-8 times quicker than ferries and half the cost of an airplane.

They’re of high speeds, with low cost and totally reasonable transportation.