LG Rollable- Tablet cum phone

A new champion emerged in CES 2021- LG. The product includes arm LG Display shew off invisible TVs, bendable TVs, and more. LG has step up his game by launching a ssmartphone behemoth and teasing its futuristic rollable phone.

In this amazing product of LG’s the screen shrinks or expands on a click. It’s more like a tablet cum phone. Areally remarkable product that we all needed since long. On pushing a single button the phone will turn into a tablet.

LG has set the bar even higher by launching it this year and confirmed the Rollable is coming this year.

The new LG Rollable is a part of the company’s Explorer Project. The LG R ollable is similar to the Oppo X that company teased last year. Instead of folding the screens comes out vertically.

Oppo X is still a concept, LG Rollable has transcended it in reality.