Bot dog with a rocket launcher on its back displayed at the Army 2022 defense expo, looks similar to Chinese “dog” on “Aliexpress”

In the military convention, Army 2022 defense expo in Russia, a company displayed a robot dog that carried a rocket launcher. The Army 2022 defense expo took place near Moscow and the Ministry of Defense sponsored it. 

A Russian news agency filmed the four-legged bot while it was on display at the convention and later the video surfaced on the Internet. In the video, the robot dog was seen trotting along on the convention floor. It was also noticed through the video that the robot was capable of crouching on the floor. This made it harder to spot. Reports presumed that the robot waits to fire off rockets while crouching on the floor. 

However, it remains uncertain if the robot will ever be used on the field when Russia is amidst a war. According to reports the bot is dubbed as M-81 system. A Russian engineering company called “Intellect Machine” developed the dog. The developers of the bot dog mentioned that they designed the robot dog to facilitate transport of weapons and ammunition and fire them during combat missions. 

The developers gave a ninja-like apparel to the robot dog. A Twitter account shared the video on the platform and expressed that it looked similar to the Chinese “dog” from aliexpress with a black leggings on itself. 

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