In Houston Two people lost their lives in Tesla car

Two people who were present in a Tesla were found dead after the car crash on Saturday,

in Houston, Texas, US on 17th April 2021. The official believes that the car was in auto-driver mode.

What did actually happen?

It was a 2019 Tesla model in which two people were present, one 59 and the other 69 years old.

The two left their home around 9.00 pm (local time) after leaving their wives at home for a test drive in a Tesla,

they were turning from their neighbourhood but the car moved straight and ran off the road and crashed into a tree.

The officials for help

Fire Brigades and medical help were called after the report of a fire in the woods was registered.

The car was in flames and officials present on the spot found two bodies in the car and there was no sign of the driver.

The batteries of Tesla were on constant fire where and to extinguish the fire break,

the officials took 4 hours and 23,000 gallons of water to decrease the flames.

Harris County border 4 constable, Mark Herman said, the car was travelling very fast when it lost control and ended up more than 100 feet from the road.

The local investigators were in contact with Tesla officials and the investigators were also working on the spot of the accident.