Why is Arrest Pratik Sinha trending on Twitter?

Pratik Sinha co-founder of the fact-checker website Alt News has been trending on Twitter for his tweet regarding the Hindu idol, “See many people posting pictures of Ganesha. You guys really believe a man had an elephants head?”

Ashutosh Chaturvedi who is an associate editor and a journalist of Aaj Tak has made this tweet asking for Pratik Sinha’s arrest.

Another co-founder of the media Alt News Mohammad Zubair has already been arrested for allegedly hurting religious sentiments on Twitter. He has been in the custody of Delhi police for the past five days before pleading for his bail to Patiala House Court today. However, his bail plea has been rejected by the court and he has been sent to 14 days of judicial custody. The Delhi police registered an FIR on Mr. Zubair for posting tweets in 2018 vilifying a Hindu deity.

Reportedly, today Mr. Pratik Sinha has also been found to tweet hurting religious sentiments in 2015 by the journalist of Aaj Tak. As soon as a screenshot of the tweet made by Pratik Sinha surfaced on the internet a trend emerged asking for his arrest.