Russian SOCAR Energoresource company became victim of cyber attack by Anonymous Collective

To weaken Russia in the war with Ukraine, the Anonymous collective is continuously doing hacking attacks on Russia on a daily basis. The attacks were not only aimed at the Russian state’s institutions, but also at business entities.

Today, the dataset of SOCAR Energoresource was released. Approximately, 130 GB of data were retrieved, including more than 116,500 e-mails. These emails were the ones that they published through DDoSecrets servers.

SOCAR Energoresource is a company that involves in the operation of the Antipinsky refinery and several other oil fields. Also, it directly cooperates with the companies such as Gazprom, Rosneft and Lukoil. This company is a joint venture between the Russian creditor bank Sberbank and a group of investors. The owner of the Antipinsky refinery is Dmitry Mazurov and Nikolai Egorov who are also said to be the classmates of Vladimir Putin. They are also said to be the close friend of Sergei Sobyanin, who is the mayor of Russia’s capital, Moscow.

It looks like this cyberwar is a never-ending war. Therefore, there is a growing chance of malware, ulterior motives and altered data. Hence, we encourage the readers, researchers and journalists to take care with the data.