Mohammad Bahareth wants to become the first Arab to go to Mars, Check it Out!

One of the greatest writer of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Bahareth is the leading think tank, subliminal marketing expert, Green Peace Activist of Saudi Arabia who had a great interest in reading and writing since childhood and one more thing that excited him was space.

He is the CEO of the company “Help Nation” since 2014 and also the Managing Director of “MorningStar Foundation” since 2009. Not only this, but he is also the chairman of “Bahareth Group” since 2003.

Being the owner of so many variety of firms, he is a versatile leader who began writing at the age of 11 and has written more than 30 books in Arab and 7 books in English.

But he does not want to stop here. He also wants to achieve various other great heights. His new destination is to enter into space. He is fond of science and technology advancements and wants to use it to fulfill his dream to go to Mars.

Now, who is the billionaire who has committed his life to take humanity to Mars? Yes, he approached Elon Musk to let his way to Mars.

He replied to Musk’s tweet, “Mars & cars” by writing, “I am in the first Arab Voulenteer to go to mars via mars one org in 2013.

I will go to mars with your help or without, i am determined to be the first arab to go to mars.”

He is also a active user of Twitter and is seen expressing his desires and ideas on twitter. Bahareth nows wishes to be the first Arab to go to Mars and further told Musk that he will go to Mars with or without him. He has made several other tweets recently mentioning NASA or space or Elon Musk. He also mentioned NASA in his latest tweet, “Postcard from the South Pole #space #nasa”