Entire Europe to face mobile service blackouts due to power sources

If some mobile networks go offline in the future months due to power outages or energy shortages, mobile phones may no longer work throughout Europe. The likelihood of power shortages has increased as a result of Russia’s decision to stop supplying gas through Europe’s main supply route owing to the situation in Ukraine. The problem has gotten worse as a result of France’s several nuclear power facilities being shut down for maintenance.

Industry representatives worry that a severe winter will put a strain on Europe’s communications network, forcing organizations and governments to take preventative measures. Four telecom executives claim that there are now insufficient backup systems in many European countries to handle significant power outages, which raises the possibility of mobile phone outages.

The thousands of cellular antennae’s backup batteries may run out due to power outages, but the European Union is working to ensure that communications may still occur. Germany, Sweden, France, and other nations are among them.

There are over 500,000 telecom towers in Europe, and the majority of them contain backup batteries that can power mobile antennae for about 30 minutes.

France with Sweden, Germany, and Italy are also at risk. The French electricity distributor Enedis has reportedly offered a plan that may, in the worst-case scenario, lead to power outages lasting up to two hours, according to two people with knowledge of the issue. The overall blackouts would only occasionally affect specific areas of the country. The sources claim that critical services including hospitals, law enforcement, and the government will not be impacted.


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