Anonymous collective releases 69,000 emails of Public Chamber of Krasnoyarsk

Recently, Anonymous collective hacked and leaked (41.1 GB) 69,000 emails of the Public Chamber of Krasnoyarsk.
However, the data is available on Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets).
Anonymous collective have already started dragging Russia down via cyber attacks on their official and government websites.
Numerous websites have been hacked, additionally even the Russian bank has been hacked by anonymous collective and the data has been leaked.
The war between Russia and Ukraine has been ongoing for the last four months. During which numerous people have lost their lives.
Hence Anonymous collective have stood up in support of Ukraine.
That’s why, after hacking and releasing so much data of hacked websites, the hacktivist group hacked and leaked 41.1 GB data of the Public Chamber of Krasnoyarsk on DDoSecrets.
The Public Chamber of Krasnoyarsk is a Civic Chambers of the Russian Federation which was developed under Russian President Vladimir Putin back in 2004.
This Civic Chambers is to analyse and draft legislation and observe the activities of Parliament, Government and other government bodies of Russia and its federal subjects.
Whereas, Krasnoyarsk is the largest city known for its vast aluminium production in the country.
Apart of that, Krasnoyarsk is also an important junction of the Trans-Siberian Railway.
Following which, Anonymous collective have leaked its data on DDoSecrets website, where you can download the data from torrent link.


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