FIOD arrested Tornado Dash agent days after U.S imposed sanctions on the crypto mixing service

Recently the United States decentralized the crypto mixing service Tornado Dash. On Friday, the Dutch authorities arrested a software developer in Amsterdam. The authorities alleged that he is working for Tornado Dash. 

Authorities have suspected the 29-year-old individual in concealing criminal financial flows and facilitating money laundering through the crypto mixing service. The Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) asserted this in a statement. 

However, FIOD did not reveal the name of the Tornado Dash’s agent. The agent was later identified by the Block as Alexey Pertsev through confirmation from his wife. His wife asserted that her husband did not do anything illegal. 

The FIOD additionally alleged that the crypto mixing service has been used to facilitate concealing large-scale criminal money flows. This also includes online thefts of cryptocurrencies through crypto hacks and swindles. 

The agency also mentioned that they might execute more arrests. The agency have been following up investigation on the service since June 2022. The agency additionally mentioned that people in the organization makes large-scale profits by facilitating these illicit transactions. 

In recent turn of events, Tornado Dash was the second organization to receive sanctions from the U.S government. Previously the government imposed sanctions on for helping organized criminal gangs launder the proceeds of ransomware and cryptocurrency hacks. 


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