A lesson should be taken to heart by us, says Elon Musk

Billy Markus a.k.a Shibetoshi Nakamoto who is a Japanese creator of Dogecoin -a crypto currency. In Dogecoin, the payment system was created to be a joke to make wild imagination in cryptocurrencies at the time. It was considered as the first Meme coin and Dogecoin which was established back in 2013.

Today the creator, Shibetoshi Nakamoto uploaded a tweet which says, the downturn happened in 2006, due to unfair and abusive mortgage practices and many other irresponsible, nonsensical tactics which lead to huge jumps in house prices and unlimited printing of money, etc.

Later he also claimed that Crypto Currency is used to get fiat money. No one cares whether something is centralised or not as long as it gets them money, they only want ca[pital for their failing company.

Later, Elon Musk commented that, The error was only in high housing prices. He does not support predatory lending, and many of those lenders were severely wounded or they did not survive. He also said that they dig their own graves. It is a lesson we should all take to heart along with me.