You will be shocked to see the video of clash between Foxconn’s Apple worker and Chinese Police

There are a number of international organizations working to ensure that every human on this planet earth gets the same value. And the problem is that there are still a number of cases where it seems that life has no value. The same happened in the Foxconn iPhone plant. It was recently when a number of images and videos started surfacing on Twitter and various other platforms.

In the photos and videos, it could be seen that workers were trying to escape from the iPhone plant. If you don’t know, Foxconn is Apple’s biggest iPhone maker accounting for 70% of iPhone shipments globally. It makes most of the phones at the Zhengzhou plant.

Recently violence broke down at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant where they can be heard shouting ” we want to go home”. This clash between police and workers has led to brutal fighting in which a number of workers and the police has been physically harmed. Now, this video has come to light, and delegates all across the world are yet to respond to this.


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