Will Foxconn shift to India after violent clashes in China?

There have been clashes between the workers and security guards in the world’s largest maker of iPhones factory in Zhengzhou China.

The company denied housing new hires with Covid-positive personnel. But acknowledged that workers had complained about wages and working conditions at the plant. Which is considered the major cause of the outbreak. According to the report Foxconn has recently invested in India which focuses on that the company may shift its manufacturing to India.

The Taiwanese tech giant issued a statement saying, “Regarding any violence, it will keep in touch with workers and the authorities to avoid a similar incident from happening again.”

Will Foxconn shift to India after violent clashes in China?

Now it’s also been expected that after these clashes India may again gain the presence of PM Narendra Modi. As he is already inviting companies to come to India. India has already been trying to become self-sufficient under the scheme of Make in India.

India has already been a Tech house for many of the Tech giants. And has already seen a rise in foreign companies setting up their offices in India. But as these clashes increase the e question will remain the same as to whether Foxconn will shift to India. We can think of this as Foxconn is already running a plant in India that manufactures iPhones here.

Currently, India can be its base as it provides a huge electronic market. Another thing is skilled and cheap man force from India into the manufacturing industry of the iPhone. But we will have to wait for more details to come in from the company as it’s too early to make any comments on the situation. But if it does happen, it will surely be a big incentive for the Indian manufacturing Industry.

We also tried to reach the Foxconn representative Arvind Kr Prajapati from India but didn’t get a reply at the time of framing this news.


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