Twitter Fires more than 90% of India Staff – Looks like Elon hating on Indians

Recently, Elon Musk got ownership of Twitter after he bought it for more than $45 million. A lot of new rumors and reforms started to come up front as soon as Elon was onboard as Twitter’s new Owner. The recent news, however, sounds a little disturbing when seen as a whole.

Twitter employed more than 200 people in India for various purposes under it. But recently, the company has been firing a lot of Indian employees. The average of Indian employees has been only left some dozen. About 70% of the employees were from the product and engineering teams.

More than 90% of its staff in India has been fired by Twitter over the weekend which severely depleted its engineering and product staff in a potential growth market. Positions were also removed across functions including marketing, public policy, and corporate communications, the people said.

India has been the biggest market for any company or any social media and is considered a

key growth engine for global internet companies.

The companies, however, are increasing strict content regulations for the country.

Twitter’s India offices are located in New Delhi, the financial capital of Mumbai, and the southern tech hub of Bengaluru.

The company has about 3,700 employees remaining globally, Bloomberg News has reported. San Francisco and California-based Twitter reduced its employees by about half or roughly 3,700 workers.


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