Starbucks stops around it’s 130 stores in the Russian market

Starbucks, the Seattle coffee giant has stated that it will close about 130 stores of it in Russia. Also, the company has said that it will be no longer a brand in Russia. However, it has assured to pay its 2,000 Russian employees for six months and help them in changing to new jobs.

Initially, McDonald’s exited from the Russian market and sold its stores to a Russian franchisee. Consequently, this stores won’t be allowed to use McDonald’s name or menu.

Starbucks was started in the Russia in the year 2007. Due to the war, i. e after the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Starbucks stated that it would run its Russian stores but will donate the profits to relief funds in Ukraine. However, after the giant companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and others stopped their businesses in Russia, Starbucks also decided to do the same. And now, it has closed its stores in Russia. Also the company stated that the decision made is true and it will support Ukraine against Russia.