IT Employees Being Laid Off by Big Tech Giants Including Google and Amazon: Here’s What We Know

IT employees are being laid off by many big IT companies including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others. Over 2 lakh employees are already been laid off in the United States by these companies.

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IT Employees Being Laid Off by Big Tech Giants

After the effects of Covid 19 started hitting big IT companies including Google and Amazon, companies have started taking the decision of reducing their workforce in order to restructure their operations.

Over 2 lakh IT employees in the United States have already been laid off by companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and others and more than 50,000 Indian IT employees will have to find a job in the next 60 days in order to stay there.

Senior executives and employees who have taken managerial places in these companies are also being laid off along with the newly hired employees.

As per a report published in the Times of India, Google and Microsoft have already laid off 12,000 and 10,000 of their employees respectively.

A report in Reuters, also reveals that Spotify is also reducing its workforce by six percent. Microsoft has also laid off a total of 18,000 employees from its workforce.

An India Today report also says that Meta has reduced its global workforce by 13% and has fired 11,000 of its employees. Currently, the company only has a total of 76,000 workers globally.

An IT employee had also taken out his rage on the anonymous work app called Blind after being fired from Google, Snapchat, and Amazon in 4 months. He has also mentioned that there is no point in looking for a new job in an IT company as they will definitely fire the newly hired employees after some time.



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