Investors at risk! Today’s stock market rate declines

Investors are losing all there hope in the share market due to the losses incurred to them. Investors are now simply trying to save whatever is left by dropping their holdings.

The last hours of market rate showed that it made a low finance for the year yet after the S&P 500. However, it has made a little profit on Friday to sit down 18 per cent this year.

As long as the inflation rises, it could lead destruction of the stock market. Consequently, triggering the ‘Fed put’ which will also lead quitting of the strict policy by U.S. Federal Reserve.

The rising inflation was also deciding the market’s profit and loss. However, the stock figures are showing a positive sign in Europe and in U.S. But losses in the Asia and China due to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Consequently, the key consumer price gauge was rosed in Singapore at a faster rate. While Vietnam’s growth could be very challenging for the year 2022.