India can mandate C type charger for Apple phones like EU

Power comes with a responsibility and that is the same with Apple which comes with some of the best features in the market but it’s software and hardware are not compatible with every other phone brand’s accessories. The same goes with the Apple charger which is not a C-type charger. When most phone brands are trying to come up with accessories that can be compatible with other phones too.

CCC China Compulsory Certification is an example of such a body who are working in China. Apple is now to undergo the same procedure in which it will have to work on making accessories that are compatible with other brands too. Its charger is one of a kind. India’s concern about mandating C-type chargers for Apple across consumer devices was reported in August.

Recently Indian Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution secretary Rohit Kumar informed that they have held a meeting on mandating the decision of C-type chargers for Apple.

This decision can get a blow with the EU government’s new decision on mandating C-type chargers for apple phone companies. So we can expect India to come forth to implement this law for Apple soon.


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