Heavy investments in the Indian territory; Investcorp

Investcorp will be adding $400 million into Indian school infrastructure and warehousing, as it plans to expand its investment in the South Asian nation, Co – CEO Rishi Kapoor told Reuters.

The company has already invested $500 million in 13 companies across India. It also has reserved $400 million funds for private equity investments in India, which says it has the world’s fastest growing startup ecosystem.

Bahrain based Investcorp now plans to deploy $400 million over the period of four years in real estate in India. “We have created a new investment thesis around investing in school, education infrastructure,” Rishi Kapoor said in an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The amount which is reserved for private equity investments in India will be used to target sectors including health and wellness and consumer technology, Kapoor added.

“The middle income Indian parent will tighten their belt in every area other than education for their kids. So that underlying space is very attractive.”, said the CEO.