Get to know all about why Musk’s way is liked by CEOs and businessman 

There is no doubt in saying that Musk is the future of planet earth. Musk has various ideas that are being worked upon by scientists to shape the future in the coming years. But Musk is also one of the businessmen who is liked by business owners all across the world. Because he represents a good cold way of doing business in which he ignores everything but his principal product and the road map is always set for profitability.

Musk seems to be proving similarly inspirational to CEOs who believe their employees have grown too lazy to be opinionated about their workplace. After eliminating the maximum workforce of Twitter, Musk has invited appreciation from those CEOs and managers who are fed up with the old-school rule of notice and asking for registration.

Twitter is trying to remove the birds and reduce hate speech by taking note of such posts that are intended to spread such things. So it would be interesting to see the major decision that Musk takes in the future to make Twitter a profitable tech company.


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