Elon Musk dishonors American workers says they ‘try to avoid work’

Tesla is an American based Automotive and Renewable energy company.

Recently, Elon Musk praised Chinese workers during an event held this week. He praised their enthusiasm towards work, talent and he remarked (sarcastically) at some American workers.

Tesla is an American based Automotive and Renewable energy company which manufactures electric vehicles but when he was asked, Which electric vehicles startups have impressed him? He pointed towards Volkswagen as a tough competitor for his Company ‘Tesla’.

He also wished for China, saying that he hoped to get very strong competition ahead in coming years.

Elon Musk stated,“There’s just a lot of super-talented, hard-working people in China that strongly believe in manufacturing and they won’t just be burning the midnight oil, they’ll be burning the 3 am oil,” “They won’t even leave the factory, type of thing, whereas in America, people are trying to avoid going to work at all,” to Financial Times.

Tesla already has a manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China and the company indicates that it has plans to have a second facility in the area. So,as soon as the second facility completes, Tesla will be able to build two million cars per year out of Shanghai.

Though, the initial manufacturing plant has struggled with a manufacturing shortage in recent weeks due to COVID Lockdown in China.

But now, Elon Musk had a word with the Chinese government regarding uplifting some COVID restrictions, so the company can proceed with work in full procedure again and can speed up the speed of manufacturing.