Bolt Mobility electric scooter services are no longer operational in the U.S.

Bolt Mobility electric scooters co-founded by the globally known sprinter Usain Bolt abruptly stopped their services across the US. Reports say that Bolt Electric scooters cease to operate in US cities including Portland, Oregon, Burlington, Vermont, South Burlington, Winooski, Richmond, California, and Virginia as confirmed by the city officials.

Bolt micro-mobility services provided easy and affordable rentals of e-scooters across these cities with a max range of 240km of services. Along with the disappearance of the Bolt services impacted several e-scooter and e-bike owners who hosted the service for Bolt Mobility throughout the cities. Bolt Mobility has reached a considerable amount of growth in the past few years as the result they acquired the e-scooter company Ojo in 2021 and also merged with Gotcha, a personal mobility rental company in 2019.

However, the Bolt Mobility app is still online but left with its last operational services data with no new observable services provided by the company. In some cities, the rental services have been disabled as the in-app customer service chat shows a blank screen. Bolt Mobility scooters have also disappeared from the app’s map.