Buffalo Shooter man tortured and beheaded a cat first before the shootout

The alleged Buffalo shooter once described a gruesome narrative of beheading a cat, which left him feeling nothing at all.

Payton Gendron, 18, described slicing up a feral grey tabby cat that was supposedly assaulting his family’s own pet cat in their garage in a digital diary entry on Discord — which was public for a time before being taken down — in which he described the massacre.

He went on to add that he spent the next hour tracking it down and stabbed it with a camouflage knife until it died. Gendron is also supposed to have kept track of when it went limp and how much blood it bled from its mouth.

Buffalo man tortured

It doesn’t appear that the man had finished desecrating the body… Gendron went on to describe that he pounded the cat’s tail on the concrete, then hacked off the cat’s head with a hatchet after around 20 hacks, blood splattering his face.

He then wrote, “Honestly right now I don’t feel anything about killing that cat. I thought I would be in pain but I literally just feel blank,” adding … “Well my cat Paige is safe now from that evil feral cat, may you find bliss from consciousness less.”

Gendron concluded his entry by remarking that his cat had spent more time with him in recent years than anybody else, and that he hoped his family would look after it when he was “gone.”

As you are aware, Gendron shot and murdered 10 people, the majority of whom were Black. So far, he’s pleaded not guilty to one count of murder, with additional charges likely to follow. It was without a doubt a hate crime.