Anonymous Collective TheZero has Hacked Several Russian Domains

As per the recent tweets, it claims that an Anonymous collective TheZero has hacked several Russian domains. The list of Russian domains are as follows:,,,,, and From the images, we found that the hacktivist has deployed a message on those Russian domains which says “STOP PUTIN, STOP WAR”.

Anonymous Collective TheZero has Hacked Several Russian Domains

Earlier, The Russian government issued a large list of 17,576 IP addresses and 166 domains in which it claims, the real cause behind these leaks was a series of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks directed against its domestic infrastructure as the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war escalates.

Furthermore, these kinds of situations are rising as the ground conflict has been bolstered by a bombardment of cyber-attacks in the digital sphere, with hacktivist organizations and other vigilante actors assisting the two countries in attacking government and commercial websites and leaking massive amounts of personal data.

Last month, according to the news, we came to know that Microsoft said in a blog post that it has seized seven domains linked to Strontium, also known as Fancy Bear or APT28, a Russian hacking team with connections to the country’s military intel agency. Russian agents allegedly utilized these networks to target Ukrainian news sources, as well as foreign policy think tanks and state institutions in the United States and the European Union, according to Microsoft.

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