Alabama prisoner gets caught on the surveillance camera in Evansville

The prisoner who escaped the Alabama prison was seen in a surveillance footage at a carwash centre, 300 miles away from the prison.

The video was taken at the Weinbach Car Wash in Evansville, IN. WEVV obtained a screenshot of this video. The investigators reportedly believed that Casey White, the prisoner, might’ve fled with the prison guard Vicky White. Prison guard Vicky White had a relation with the prisoner, but the authorities believed that she has helped to break him out in late April.

The outlet stated that the U.S. Marshals are investigating. They are looking into the footage to catch the prisoner. The feds believe that Casey might be using a vehicle for traveling. Consequently which was reported as stolen in that area. No official word has been released yet on this matter. However, the law enforcement is looking into it.

Evansville is several hundred miles away from the Lauderdale County Jail, from which the prisoner escaped. Eventually, Vicky, the prisoner guard had been in a relationship with this guy for long. She literally walked out of the facility with him on April 29. She apparently lied to the coworkers that she was escorting him to court.

When they didn’t show and both went missing, the real story came out. They were hidden till now but the prisoner got caught on the surveillance camera. This news got national attention, even excited Dog the Bounty Hunter‘s interest.