Top diva matches during WWE attitude era

Trish Stratus vs Lita

The Canadian diva is famous for rivalry with Lita, they both started with each other in the Divas era in early 2000s, the two women were also known for their beauty and being extremely gorgeous. However, both of them wanted much more than just being a pretty face. They went on to become huge divas in the attitude era. Their rivalry is still an inspiration for the ladies who grew up watching them. Lita was trained from Mexico and was an expert in moonsaults. Trish had the look of a Canadian top model. The two superstars merged into WWE by bang and created a storm. Lita won the Divas Championship from defeating Stephanie McMahon by the help of the ‘People Man’ WWE superstar and Hollywood actor The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). Trish won her first championship in a six pack challenge which also involved Lita at the 2001 Survivor Series. Lita threatened to take Trisha’s Women Championship from her at the 2004 Survivor Series.

Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella

Stephanie being the authority and technically owning the company flexed her rights along with her husband and WWE superstar Triple H, who was the COO of WWE. In the years 2013 and 2014, one of the biggest targets was Daniel Bryan, in context to this Stephanie had a lot of issues with Bryan’s wife Brie Bella. There was a time, when Brie had quit the WWE to help Bryan and had slapped Stephanie in front of the WWE universe. Due to Brie’s action a match was on the line at SummerSlam between Stephanie and Brie. Stephanie was seeming in control with Brie, things became more chaotic when Triple H came out to help his better half to have an upper hand. As soon as Triple H came, there was no time in as Nikki Bella came to even the odds. However, the shock in the match was when Nikki assaulted her sister, betraying her, Stephanie hit Brie with a pedigree and snatched the win. Triple He also made the same move and ended  Daniel Bryan’s WWE career in the year earlier than the match between the two divas.


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