Roman Reigns to take a break from WWE

The current WWE World Heavyweight and Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, who is also known as the ‘Tribal Chief’ and ‘Head of the Table’ is set to give a backseat to his future WWE career. A source close to WWE has told the champ that his deal is know only with big stadium shows and major live events.

The report also states that the contract expects Reigns to be more often at TV tapings. However, Reigns won’t be part of smaller house shows or upcoming events like Hell in a Cell.

At the end of the WWE Live event in Trenton, New Jersey. The champ told the WWE universe about hi future plans and spoke about moving to the next face in his life. He ended by thanking the fans for their support.

Roman is also not advised to feature for WWE TV tapings and house shows for July and August, Reigns is also suggested to spend time with his family and wife.

Now, his appearances for the company will be like Goldberg and Brock Lesnar.

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