Federation needs to take center stage?

A few days back, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had issued a warning sign to the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), in context to resolve all issues of the Sports in the country and around its hierarchy, whereas a clear suspension was on the way.

Earlier on, FIFA, the governing body of Football in the world had put up a ban on the All India Football Federation (AIFF) in view of interference of third-party involvement. The ban was however, lifted after some days and FIFA had ordered AIFF to go ahead as plan and schedule of all the events and tournaments.

Now, the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports of India, Anurag Thakur has come up with an eye-catching statement, in which he has said that the federation needs to come forward.

“It’s the federation that needs to deliver” said the former President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

The statement by Thakur should be stressed upon as the central government cannot go through each and every detail and cons happening in the procedures and execution of plans.

The key responsibility is of the Sports Federation, and they should ensure that each player and athlete in the country is equipped with the latest methods and services in their respective games.


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