Best WWE stars from the attitude era

The Attitude era was named by the WWE for the company’s programming during the 1990s and 2000s, however, it started losing popularity due to which WWE had to stop the Attitude era.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin – All the WWE fans will remember the sound of glass smashing, the scenes of him smashing beer cans, he transformed wrestling into a modern day game, a former WWF Champion. HE is best known for his rivalry with Vince McMahon, the CEO of WWE.


  • The Rock – The people’s man completely, now of course a movie star, around WWE he was a complete beast. The rock versus the final name on this list is an iconic rivalry within wrestling and was for many years.


  • Mr. McMahon – The boss in the third position, know for his evil role on all by himself, he was best known for his rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Boss was not afraid to get his hands on the 3:16.


  • Triple H – The 14 time champion, the king of kings, the Cerebral Assassin of WWE and now the COO of the company, the man has had a roller coaster of a ride, his group D – Generation X has to be the most iconic group in wrestling history. He is the son – in – law of Vince McMahon.


  • The Undertaker – The dead man, widely regarded as the best wrestler in history, he had an unbreakable streak of 21 wins at the Wrestlemania pay per view until it was ended by Brock Lesnar. He has been a former WWF and WWE champion, also member of the team Brothers of Destruction with his half brother Kane.


  • Mick Foley – One of the most iconic superstars and the former GM of the WWE brand RAW, he is best known for his steel cage match with Undertaker and standing toe to toe with the likes of Triple H and Stone Cold.


  • Kane – Fire, is the name for the guy who sends his opponents to hell, he is best known for his rivalry with his half brother Undertaker, he has been on an on/off time with the WWE.


  • Kurt Angle – The ankle lock specialist, a gold medalist in the Olympics in 1996, he saw success in a short span of time with his ability and courage for his work.


  • Chris Jericho – Sometimes a bad guy and sometimes a good guy, hailing from Winnipeg, Canada. He has given the Americans a run for their money. He is a former WWE Intercontinental, US and WWE Champion.


  • Big Show – Debuted in the year 1999, it is always said that he constantly let big opportunities slip through his fingers as a result of his own incompetence. He is a former WWE Heavyweight Champion. He is now off the cards for WWE

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