Nicole Shanahan’s lawyer backed Elon Musk, said alleged affair reports are defamatory

Elon Musk was recently alleged of having an affair with Nicole Shanahan, wife of Sergey Brin by WSJ. Nicole’s lawyer stated in recent updates that media suggestions of Elon Musk having an affair with Nicole are outright lies. Additionally the alleged statements are also defamatory, said the lawyer. However the WSJ who put on the table the alleged affair, adhered to their report and asserted of being confident about it. 

Elon Musk on a recent retweet stated that winning a defamation lawsuit as a public person against a news organization is almost impossible. He said that they could address him as ‘Satan’ and that the source is their psychic.

Musk also addressed the fact that Nicole is not a public person and thus can possibly win. He expressed that he hopes of Nicole suing the concerned persons. 

Additionally Musk also updated that he enquired with Serjey Brin. He stated that Brin did not talk with the WSJ. Musk also said that Brin told Musk that no one that he knows talked to the WSJ. 

Twitter has been surfacing with back to back tweets by Musk defending himself. Users on the platform are witnessing an uproar of posts and statements and different outakes, by the concerned people.