Ratan Tata’s reaction on Supreme court decision over Cyrus Mistry

Ratan Tata tweets a thanking message to Supreme court after the hours of decision where Cyrus Mistry’s petition was rejected.

The chairman Emeritus of Tata Group, Indian industrialist and philanthropist Ratan Naval Tata thanked the decision of Apex court

and felt grateful that Apex court backed the decision of Tata Son’s to remove Cyrus Mistry as the chairman.

Ratan Tata tweeted,’ We would like to express our grateful appreciation of the judgement passed and upheld by the Supreme Court today.’

It reinforces the value system and the ethics of our judiciary.’ after the decision was made by the supreme court in Tata Sons favour.

Going back to 2016, Cyrus Mistry was removed from the post of chairman by Tata Sons in a salutatory expunge in October month.

After 2 months, in December 2016, two Mistry family sponsored investment firms Cyrus Investments Pvt Ltd and

Sterling Investments Corporation Pvt Ltd, moved to NCLAT (National Company Law Appellate Tribunal) and claimed some mismanagement by Tata Sons.

Cyrus Mistry also demanded for reconsideration of the court’s March 2021 order and also to erase certain comments against him which were said in the court’s order.

Harish Salve who appeared in court on behalf of Tata Sons said, the court may erase one or two sentences but not the reasons given in the application of SP group.

Last year in March, the supreme court backed the decision to removal of Mr Cyrus Mistry and kept aside a company law tribunal order that had asked to keep him.

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