Gaming Act makes a re-entry in Meghalaya?

Vincent H Pala, the Meghalaya Indian National Congress president and member of Lok Sabha from Shillong demanded that the Meghalaya Regulation Gaming Act 2021 should be repealed on Saturday. This has come after similar demands were made from all quarters.

Moreover, there are two Lok Sabha in Meghalaya, one of which is held by Congress.

A detailed discussion was held by the Meghalaya assembly in the recent concluded assembly session, regarding the gaming law itself. According to James K Sangma, minister in charge of taxation, the physical gaming premises were not meant for the general public but majorly for the upper value individuals.

As per reported by the Shillong Times, Pala said, “The government has to withdraw (the Act) otherwise the coalition will be in the street and the public will be in the Assembly one day.”

He then further added, “Almost every society, church, and organisation are opposed to it. The government is in a hurry to pass, and the chief minister very enthusiastically said that I am the leader of the gambling committee.”

Furthermore, he questioned, “If they are not getting revenue from all the resources, what revenue will they generate from gambling? Have they put it in the public domain or given any blueprint?” He remarked, “I don’t think the people will allow it and if the public is not happy, what revenue will they generate.”

Afterwards Pala said the opposition to the decision concerning legalised gambling was always present and that this issue was not the first time.


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