A 16 Year Old boy shoots mother over a mobile game in India

A teenager from Uttar Pradesh has shot dead his mother in the beginning hours of Sunday with a licensed revolver in his father’s name. The mother-son duo got into a heated argument over a mobile game. The mother was stopping him from playing the game. On top of that, the boy hid her body for two days at their home in Lucknow.

The woman, who was shot in her forehead, died shortly afterwards. After hiding the body, the boy stayed in the house with his nine-year-old sister for two days. The 16-year-old sprayed a room freshener to cover the dead body smell, police said.

The sister told the police, that the boy threatened to kill her as well if she opened her mouth to anyone.

“On Tuesday evening when the smell of the decomposed body became severe, he informed his father about the incident. The father called the neighbours and they informed the police,” said SM Qasim Abidi, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Lucknow.

The father is currently posted in West Bengal, the 16-year-old has confessed his crime during the police interrogation.