Learn about the best extensions that Chrome has to offer

A Twitter user named Logan brings up the concept of how many more extensions Chrome has to provide to its users. Accordingly, LoftedLearning is basically a Twitter page which teaches its audience to make money from your audience through sales funnels, landing pages, and copywriting.

The tweet read as, ‘3.2 billion people use Chrome as their browse.But no one knows all the best extensions Chrome has to offer.

So, here are 12 extensions that you shouldn’t live without.


Scribe can be easily used for documentation and can customise one click sharing. Additionally, it auto generates step by step text tutorials by just clicking record.

2)Similar Sites –

This extension helps with finding sites similar to content. It is also best for researching, shopping, consuming content, travel and leisure.

3)Power Thesaurus –

Power thesaurus helps to improve the vocabulary of one person. It helps to find similar words for your blog or content.

4)Go FullPage –

FullPage literally offers to take a full page screenshot of all webpages. It can also download PNG, JPEG or various PDF options to download.

5) Headline Studio –

Headline studio helps you to write a better headline to be noticed on this biggest system called ‘Internet’. It scores your headline, and suggests few changes which can help to bring your content on the top level.

6)Colorzilla –

It has advanced eyedropper, color picker, gradient generator and other colorful tidbits. Gradually, it changes colour for any sites you want.

7)Fonts Ninja –

Fonts Ninja inspects fonts size, letter spacing, line heights and color contrast on any websites. With the help of this extension, you can get detailed information about numerous fonts, sizes and colors available in chrome.

8)Grammarly –

This feature helps to use correct grammar in the content. Sometimes, we may not recognise any mistakes in grammar, but this extension highlights the silly mistakes so we can correct in our content.

9)Mail tracker –

It helps to get you in contact through email with the people of the website you’re visiting. It can find the author of the website you’re currently visiting on.

10)Loom –

Loom starts recording your screen with just one click for 5 minutes. Moreover, it is easy to share videos whereas the recording paid plans are cheap.

11)Responsive Viewer –

The extension shows multiple screens in one view. It helps the developers to test multiple screens while developing responsive websites.

12)Bitly –

It generates short links and QR codes for easily sharing them around. It also upgraded your account and replaced it with ‘bit.ly’ domain with your own brand.

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