How to stay safe on the dark web?

Before we move ahead with the topic, let us first know what exactly Dark Web is. The Internet world has another world beneath it, that we don’t have access to. A user only sees a fraction of the things that the Internet possess. There is another layer of the Internet world that cannot be accessed with our common browser. This is known as the dark web. 

Here are some safe ways to access the dark web. 

To have access to the Dark Web, you will require Tor most of the time. It is a network of volunteer relays through which a user’s internet connection is routed. A user becomes anonymous while using Tor as it facilitates an encrypted connection that bounces all the traffic between relays located around the world. 

You can have access to Tor through the Tor browser. Using a VPN in our browser’s incognito mode will hide the download of Tor browser. Tor allows a user to browse both through the dark and clear web. The browser, however, should be downloaded only from the official website. Downloading it from other sources might allow malware to be downloaded to our system. 

Internet Providers can however detect when Tor is being used. This is because Tor node IPs are pubic. Although our identification remains anonymous and ISPs can decrypt our internet traffic, it is still being known that Tor is being used. This raises suspicion and draws unwanted attention. 

A VPN comes handy to use Tor privately. Additionally you can use Tor Bridges. 

To stay safe on the dark web Tor’s privacy and security settings should always be set to high. This will protect you from malicious scripts and payloads that open your device to vulnerable attacks. 

Another measure you can opt for is to download the Tails software. The Tails software works well with the Tor browser and houses many features that supports our purpose. 

If you have the facility to use a different machine/system for your dark browsing, it’s helpful to do so. On having a device exclusively meant for browsing the dark web will help you keep your main device safe from attacks. 

Safe and cautious browsing will always go a long way. You should be careful on what you click. Threats are too common in the dark web. 

Some other measures that you can adopt for safe browsing on the dark web is to close all the apps that you have accounts in. Starting from password managers to streaming platforms such as Netflix, closing everything that is not related to accessing the dark web is a safe measure. 

You should keep your webcam covered while you are on the dark web. Location access should always be turned off on your device.  Above all, it is also helpful to have a quality antivirus installed on your device. 

Checking possible IP leaks is another important measure before browsing the dark web. Check for IP, DNS and WebRTC leak. To do this you have to turn on your VPN and head to and There you can make sure whether the IP address displayed is the original or the one provided by the VPN. 

It is more convenient to visit darknet website aggregators and wikis to find actual darknet website links rather than relying on search engine. You can also try out darknet versions of legit websites to have a check on how it.