The Yellowjackets season 2 is set to arrive and with more dark experiences than ever before

Cannibalism, occult, and psychic experience all in one place can only mean one thing Yellowjackets series whose first season gave the spine-chilling experience. Now its second season’s news has arrived. Yellowjacket’s Twitter account sharing the trailer of the second season wrote “ The Yellowjackets: Just a group of girls who have had it up to there . Season 2 premieres 03.24.23”.

This means its arrival is just around the corner and you can get an insight into the second season through the trailer shared along with it. The series is basically about the survival of high school soccer players who survived a plane crash.

This crash took place somewhere in the wilderness of Canada. The series shows the survivor’s life before the crash and their adult selves who were still trying to fight with traumatic experiences of wilderness.

What is expected in season 2?

Season 2 will be about the new timeline of 19 months after the crash when the young characters of the story are saved and start their life from a new point after the trauma of wilderness. To make it more interesting than ever before Lottie can also be seen in season 2 who was in a mental institution after the crash. Other characters can be seen helping her to overcome the trauma that they faced during their survival. The characters also realize that even after such a long time the thing of wilderness has not left them and shows its dark effect on them.

So if you were looking for this kind of survival, occult, cannibalism series you can start watching it or if you have watched season 1 you must be excited to see its second part.


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