The Dark Web market in 2022 has become larger, more diverse, and robust than in 2021 : Report

The Dark Web market in 2022 has become larger, more diverse, and robust than in 2021 showing newer trends, product prices, and methods used for making Dark Web operations more efficient and client secure.

According to reports by cybersecurity specialist Patricia Ruffio published in Privacy Affairs, the Dark Web marketplace grew in variety and volume with an increased amount of supply chain networking, at the same time the prices dropped significantly. A significant amount of price drop can be envisioned compared to the last year’s. Almost 9,000 active vendors were found to be selling fake IDs and credit cards at a higher rate that exceeds the past year’s sales. The number of items sold in 2021 dropped in prices this year. Sales volume increased due to a greater amount of supply networks. Dark Web’s data volume has plunged in 2021 compared to 2020 as more fake credit card data, personal information, and documents were sold across the globe. However, more items were added to the selling items such as hacked cryptocurrency accounts, web services like Uber, DDos attacked unprotected websites, Fake US Green Card, high-efficiency international passports, Binance verified accounts, verified accounts, verified accounts, PayPal transfer of $1000-3000 from stolen accounts and more products.

With increasing supply chain networks, more people are able to access and buy products from Dark Web marketplaces. Dark Web has undergone noteworthy changes within 2021-2022 to facilitate a smooth operational user-friendly interface. So, that the buyers can feel that they are accessing a more conventional marketplace. Dark Web is right now offering a more secure marketplace emphasizing more on customer services. White House Market, the popular darknet market, hosted about a third of the market’s 9,000 active vendors in October and declared that they were closing the site all of a sudden. The emptied space was taken up by sites like ToRReZ and AlphaBay which established themselves as the long-term market leaders. These are probable reasons why Dark Web’s customer-centric security is a notable change as it is defined by more viable sites which will not abandon their customers in the middle.

Dark Web sites are even observed to compete with each other on the level of providing security and customer service qualities. This is also a reason they are more prone to using customer-centric services with traditional marketing approaches like buying two products and getting one free, viable discounts, coupons, and product reviews which are becoming more common sights.

According to the December 2021 data, approximately 45 million credit cards’ value went up. Reportedly the average price for credit cards detail ranged from $1 in the U.S., Canada, and Australia to $20 each in Hong Kong in 2022. Dark Web even initiated a secured and easier mode of payment methods such as accepting mobile payments, online payments, and payment processors. Although it has been observed that the value of hacked accounts might fluctuate depending on the factors of cybersecurity capabilities and insurance. As the supply increases adding more vendors Dark Web items become inexpensive to buy.

Dark Web items that can be bought within $100 in 2022 are PayPal transfers with a $1000-$3000 balance, PayPal transfer stolen accounts with a $100-$1.000 balance, Movo.Cash Login, Hacked Western Union Account, Westen Union transfer from stolen account $1,000+ balances, verified account, Netflix account with a 1-year subscription, Bet365 account, Kaspersky account, NBA League Pass, Various adult site accounts, Canva Pro yearly, CNBC Pro, Netflix 4K 1 year, HBO, Orange TV, Hulu, Uber hacked account, Uber driver hacked account, Utility bill templates, New York driver’s license, US business cheque templates, Russian Passport scan, Unprotected websites 10-50K requests per second in 1 hour, Unprotected websites 10-50k request per second in 24 hours, Walmart account with a credit card attached, Australia hacked credit card details with CVV, Stolen online banking logins with minimum 100 on account, Closed VISA with PIN, Australia and Canada hacked credit card details with CVV, Cloned American Express with PIN, Global credit card hacked with CVV, Stolen online banking logins with minimum $2000 on account and more.

On the Dark Web identity theft is a common phenomenon and anyone’s identity can be bought for under just $500 such as Latvian National ID, Delaware ID, Indiana ID, Louisiana ID, Utah ID, European Union National ID, US driver’s license, 10 million the USA email addresses, 600K New Zealand emails, 2.4 million Canada emails, US business cheque templates, Australia driver’s license, Alberta CA driver’s License, Texas ID, Nevada ID and more.

Dark Web creates a platform for cyber criminals to sell stolen personal and sensitive data. According to reports by the cybersecurity specialist, the pandemic years marked an increasing amount of cyberattacks on various enterprises and organizations which could be a reason for an escalating amount of supply chain surge in the darknet sites. Dark Web is observed to be more secure and following a path of the traditional marketplace, however, cyber security providers have also initiated an increased amount of scrutiny on these sites.