The 5 Classic Maps of Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG Mobile, a shooter battle royale video game came like a revolution in video games and got so popular that almost every teenager or youngster became irresistible to it. Then in September 2020, a black day in the lives of gamers came which broke the hearts of them all as PUBG got banned in India. But then on the day of 2nd July 2021, developer Krafton Inc. brought the most-awaited new and developed version of PUBG to India with the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI which spread a wave of excitement and happiness in the lives of gamers.

The game revolves around 100 players as individuals or in squad of upto 4, collecting their weapons and other stuff to fight on the Battlegrounds to end up with one being the winner or we can say achieve ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’. The game features a wide variety of guns, grenades, scopes and especially a classic list of maps. Different maps provides an impressive variety of graphics and locations which the players can choose according to their preferences. So for newcomers and also the pro players to the game, here is a detailed explanation of the different maps of BGMI which will help you to achieve ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ every time you get off the plane.

  • Erangel

Size: 8×8 km

The default and the first battle royal map of the game is also the most well-known destination for players. Erangel is a Russian Island in the Black sea which was occupied by the Soviet Military a while ago. The map includes one main big island and one small island connected by two small bridges.

The map is preferred as the loot is evenly spread on the map and also have some hotspot locations like Pochinki, Sosnovka Military Base, Georgopol, Rozhok and Novorepnoye. The players preferring  fast-paced and challenging circumstances get off on these locations while who prefer a stealthy mode are advised to get off at scattered locations.

  • Miramar

Size: 8×8 km

The biggest and the second-most popular map of Battlegrounds Mobile India has a unique desert terrain and large urban areas set in Mexico. The size of the map is same as Erangel but what makes it bigger is its vast land area. The western and Northern side of the map is cut off by big mountains and a metal wall that prevents anyone from getting out. The roads are not favorable for vehicles and the building end up being the only places for refuge.

Win94 sniper rifle is exclusively available in the Miramar map and the top locations in the map are Prison, Los Leones, Campo Militar, Water Treatment and many more.

  • Sanhok

Size: 4×4 km

The first small map of Battlegrounds Mobile India is in the form of a tropical island that resembles the islands and forests of Thailand and the Philippines. It is made up by three islands that are separated by 3 rivers. Moreover, it also has many small and middle-sized towns placed close to each other. The Sanhok map has a fast gameplay due to its small size and high loot density. It is highly loved by the gamers because they can hide in grass and ambush enemies and raise their rank.

The hot spots of this map include Ruins, Pai Nan, Paradise Resort, Bootcamp and Quarry. Along with this, it also features 2 unique weapons, the QBZ (SCAR-L replacement) and the QBU (Mini 14 replacement).

  • Livik

Size: 2×2 km

The smallest map of the Battlegrounds Mobile India has features of all the other maps and thus includes waterfalls, colorful houses, beautiful flowers, and many more. The maps also features the exclusive Monster Truck vehicle, the P90 SMG and the MK12 AR. It has a very fast gameplay and lead to constant fighting because of its short size which makes it least popular among the gamers.

It was welcomed with great excitement and is still preferred by players wanting challenging gameplay. The main centres to get good loot in Livik include Shiyard, East Port, Blomster, Power Plant and Midstein.

  • Karakin

Size: 2×2 km

The latest map introduced in Battlegrounds Mobile India consists of the same desert terrain as Miramar but without giant mountains or valley. Instead it included rocky hills, secret caves and a unique underground tunnel system.

There are various updates in the new maps like the Red Zone is changed to the Demolition Zone which is smaller but more devastating. And the Frag Grenade is replaced by Sticky Bomb which sticks to and destroy certain obstacles. Moreover a new one-time-use weapon Panzerfaust rocket launcher is introduced that fires a rocket exploding in a 6 m radius.

It is a fast-paced map because of its small size having various good loot locations like AL Hayik, Bahr Sahir, Bashara, Al Habar and Hadiqa Nemo. It is not favorable for players liking stealthy circumstances.

Surviving till the end is integral to the game and for that, you must select the map which proves perfect for you. The online multiplayer battle royale game BGMI is a centre of various YouTube channels, memes and the centre of attraction for discussions in the Indian mobile gaming community. It was released especially for Indian PUBG users which itself defines the breathtaking craze of it among its fans. 



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