Red Notice 2 to be released soon! Know the details here!

Red Notice, an American comedy, crime, action and adventurous film is written, directed and produced by Rawson Marshall Thurber. The movies was released on Netflix on the 5th of November 2021.

The movies starred Dwayne Johnson, who played the role of an FBI agent who hesitantly teams up with a renowned art thief (Ryan Reynolds) in order to catch an even more renowned criminal (Gal Gadot). Red Notice gained success right after it’s release, and now it has been revealed that the Red Notice 2 is also happening.

Red Notice’s twisty ending will now set up to a potential continuation with the leading trio of Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. The trio will be seen involved in an even a bigger heist in the second part. Before its release, Johnson had already revealed about the second part. He said that he will love to do more to entertain the audience. Also he hinted that there’s a good chance to see a return of Red Notice.

In January 2022, Netflix was in the beginning stages for arranging back-to-back filming for the two parts of Red Notice. Consequently, the aim is to begin the production in early 2023 and writer-director Rawson Marshall has already begun the script. In this sequel too, we can expect every starcast back. Accordingly, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot should be back as John Hartley, Nolan Booth and The Bishop.

It has been expected that Ritu Arya will be back as the Interpol inspector Urvashi Das in the movie. Also, there’s a chance that Chris Diamantopoulos will return as the arms dealer Sotto Voce, out for revenge after The Bishop who double-crossed him. In the first movie, it wasn’t revealed that what happened to Sotto Voce after Hartley and Booth escaped from him. However, Diamantopoulos has revealed that they shot a scene of him being arrested, but it was cut from the movie.

One of the greatest twist of the Red Notice was that Hartley was been working with The Bishop all along. They were both ‘The Bishop’ and were been playing Booth for a fool. Consequently, they needed the Booth to tell the location of Cleopatra’s missing egg, in order to sell three of the eggs to an Egyptian billionaire for $300 million. After doing it, they even double-crossed the billionaire and get him arrested by Interpol. Afterwards, around six months later, Hartley and The Bishop were seen enjoying themselves on a yacht in Sardinia. Booth shows up before them and then he deceived them by telling their secret bank account to Interpol who then seized the Hartley and The Bishop’s assets of around $300 million.

And in the last scene, the trio were seen outside the Louvre Museum in Paris. The question arises were they just going for the Mona Lisa or do they have their eyes on an even bigger heist? However, the director said, “I have an idea of setting them in the next part but I think when you put three thieves together, it can be tricky. Never trust anybody!”

Accordingly, this heist will be the whole of the last sequel and the movie’s part two will clear the curiousity of the viewers. It is expected that this part will contain double of the twists and turns from the initial part. However, there’s no footage released of Red Notice 2 yet, as it hasn’t begun filming. But the first movie can be watched on Netflix whenever you want.


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