Nirmala Sitharaman carries Made in India tablet for Budget 2021’s presentation

The Budget for the Financial Year of 2021 will be presented today by financial minister Nirmala Sitaraman. This has caused a lot of excitement within the public in general since everyone has their own hopes and wants our of the new policies that will be introduced.

As Ms Sitharaman is set to deliver her third budget, we have learnt that the Budget presentation is to be paperless, which is a first. This morning, she was spotted carrying a tablet in a red sleeve, matching her cream and red silk sari, with the national emblem embossed on it.

Sitharaman had previously replaced the standard Budget briefcase of finance ministers with the traditional red “Bahi-Khata” or cloth ledger in 2019 and she had stayed with it last year.

She said it was “high time” to shed the “British hangover” and this is easier to carry, according to Times Now.

The paperless Budget, presented amid restrictions due to COVID, is also a push for PM Narendra Modi’s “Digital India” mission. The tablet is also Made in India, which seems like not only following the push for more products to be made for Aatmanirbhar India but also might be representative of some of the policies in the new Budget.