How Pakistan is creating a Propaganda Against India using Social Media apps like YouTube?

Pakistan was once part of India, a well-known truth but still somehow unacceptable. But why? Because of the hatred, the countries have for each other and some people spread even more.

From border disputes to religious disputes, the adverse circumstances never let the two countries enjoy cordial relations.

India-Pakistan conflicts news is now normal for the people, soldiers dying and hatred increasing. But it’s not always the government that leads to such issues, sometimes some people, or groups or organizations perform various offensive tasks.

There were around 20 YouTube channels that were spreading “anti-India propaganda” or fake news against India which got banned by the Indian government today. According to the government, “the channels and websites belong to coordinated disinformation network operating from Pakistan and spreading fake news about various sensitive subjects related to India” like “Kashmir, Indian Army, Ram Mandir, minority communities in India, General Bipin Rawat and others”.

Out of 20 YouTube channels banned by India, more than 15 belong to a group, ‘Naya Pakistan Group’. It’s running an anti-India campaign and even using Pakistani anchors and artists to spread fake news on Youtube. It’s too shocking to know that these channels are funded by Pakistani agencies to cause conflicts in India and mainly its youth.

These channels even used names that are not suspicious and fake pictures to prove their fake news right. And somehow they even made their place, the 20 channels banned had a total subscriber base of 35 lakh people.

This is a very shameful act done to degrade the image of India in the world but now the Indian government banned them. The list of the Youtube channels include:

  1. The Punch Line
  2. InternationalWeb News
  3. Khalsa TV
  4. The Naked Truth
  5. News24
  6. 48 News
  7. Fictional
  8. Historical Facts
  9. Punjab Viral
  10. Naya Pakistan Global
  11. Cover Story
  12. Go Global eCommerce
  13. Junaid Haleem Official
  14. Tayyab Hanif
  15. Zain Ali Official
  16. Mohsin Rajput Official
  17. Kaneez Fatima
  18. Sadaf Durrani
  19. Mian Imran Ahmad
  20. Najam Ul Hassan Bajwa

Yes, I said ‘Anti-India Propaganda’ but to what level? The news covered by these channels are totally fake and too nonsense to believe but as you know hatred makes people stupid. The offensive content presented by these channels included:

1. Fictional- 7 Arab Countries Ready To Cut The Oil Supply Of India

2. Historical Facts- Turk Army Enter Ayodhya Ram Mandir To Takes Revenge

3. Punjab Viral- PM Modi concedes defeat in Kashmir

4. Naya Pakistan Global- North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un Send His Army In Ayodhya

5. The Punch Line- 20 Indian Army Generals Neutralized In Training Center Of Kashmir Targeted By Kashmir Mujaheddi

6. Cover Story- United Nations Takes Historic Decision Against RSS Chief Amid Muslims Genocide In India

7. Go Globale Commerce- Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh Accepted Defeat Against Pakistan, China

8. Junaid Heleem Official- 1000 Assam Muslims Reach To Afghaan Talebans To Take Help

9. Tayyab Hanif- America Imposed Sanctions On Rajnath Singh, Bipan Rawat, Naravane

10. Zain Ali Official- 12 Indian Air Force Soldiers Arrested In The Bipin Rawat Mi-17 Helicopter Case

11. Mohsin Rajput Official- Indian Army Shows Proof That Tamil Tigers Hit On Bipin Rawat Helicopter With Rockets

12. Kaneez Fatima- Afghaan Talebans Come To Help Kashmiri Mujahdeens In Order To End Article 370

13. Sadaf Durrani-  Modi’s emergency visit to Kashmirr after the major defeat of the Indian Army

14. Mian Imran Ahmed- China Exposed How USA Involved In Bipen Rawat Murder

15. Najam Ul Hassan Official- Bipin Rawat Helicopter was not an Accident, BJP & RSS New Plane Against Indian Muslim

16. Turkish Army Enters in New Delhi

17. 300 Indian Spy Hang By Afghan Talebans And Give Clear Massage To Modi And Yogi

18. Joe Biden And Erdogan Going To Enter Troops In Kashmir As Modi Dismissed Article 370

19. Modi accepted his mistake about Babri Masjid

20. Another surprise as son of Yogi Adityanath captured

Isn’t is really heartbreaking? Such fake and pathetic news about India, but the biggest problem isn’t this. Indian government looked into their content and banned it but the real problem is that there’s hundreds others out there still publishing such offensive content against our country. Seriously when is this hatred going to end?


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