Completely Free and Reliable Remote Access Desktop Software in the Market

Remote access software will let you control your connected devices from any location. It provides you with technical support to access your desired network from a remote location.

There are several remote location software that can be found in the commercial market with free, premium, and freemium features. It can become really daunting to look for free software. So, we have made your work a little easy.

We have researched the most cost-effective, free, and premium quality remote access software for you so that you don’t have to search.

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop option is the most basic and reliable software for free remote desktop connections. You can install the software on both computers, one that you want to access from a remote location and another is your computer at hand.

You can easily avail this option by installing an extension. This process will generate a PIN that can be shared to ensure access remotely. Chrome Remote Desktop will let you access your host computer’s functions even when Chrome isn’t running.

However, you won’t be able to chat with your client who is sitting on the other side of the system.

2. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is also similar to Chrome Remote Desktop. It gives you remote access from any platform, computers, mobile devices, and even Macs.

It let you access any Mac Book from another Mac device, and you can conveniently access any Windows PC of any version. This remote desktop option does not require an authorization PIN.

However, it will not let you share any files or offer other options during IT assistance.

3. DWService

DWService is a completely free open-source project that can be accessed remotely. The host side can download the DWAgenct to run it on the device either for one-time access or on-demand access for tech support. You can also install it for permanent remote access in case of personal use.

The client can log into the link to enter the code and password in order to gain access to the DWAgent.

DWService let you access without limitations to enhance better performance. It can let you see files and folders, text editor, resources, screen, and more options. It can also let you edit and remove unrequited files or upload and download files as per the requirement.

The DWAgenct runs on Windows, Macs, and Linux Operating System.

4. UltraVNC

UltraVNC will give you options whether you want a host or client access. At the beginning of the installation, UltraVNC will give you options to install it as the Server, Viewer, or both. The host’s side can install it as the Server.

The client’s side can install it via the Viewer option. The client can access the host’s computer from any location once the configuration is established via a router. Smartphones that support VNC connections can also be used to gain access to the host’s desktop. The configuration with the host can be completed upon obtaining their IP address.

UltraVNC does support all kinds of file support and transfers, text chats, and clipboard sharing.  Also, it can successfully re-boot the host’s computer or connect to a server in Safe Mode.

And the most important aspect is all of these remote access software is 100% reliable and completely free to use.