NOKIA Flip Phones: An overview of the models, features and cost of NOKIA flip phones

The old-school NOKIA flip phones are back with smarter and newer features. Guess what? The new NOKIA flip phones are available in the market for sale. Customers who adored the old NOKIA flip phones are falling in love with the spin-offs, which are yet to launch. Here’s a guide to the models of NOKIA flip phones along with the features. Affordability is the most attractive factor of these NOKIA flip phones.


The new NOKIA flip phones include NOKIA 2720 V Flip model, NOKIA 2660 Flip model as well as NOKIA 2760 Flip model. The NOKIA 2720 flip phone as well as NOKIA 2660 flip phone have a facility to operate with a dual sim.


The NOKIA 2720 v Flip phone model is priced at INR 6,199. NOKIA 2660 model is priced at INR 4,699. The NOKIA 2760 flip model is priced at INR 5,490.


NOKIA 2720 V Flip

You can use 4G Internet on this phone or connect to Wi-Fi. It has a dual-core, 1.1 GHz processor.

NOKIA 2760 Flip

It has a 5 MP rear as well as a 5 MP front camera.

NOKIA 2660 Flip

This flip phone has the facility to insert a dual sim as well as a dual display. It has a 1450 mAh battery.

Mainly, these flip phones are lightweight despite their old-school, flip design.


The NOKIA flip phones are available in stunning black color.

Mainly, these three models of the soon-to-launch NOKIA flip phones are much awaited. The NOKIA flip phones are expected to launch soon in the market. NOKIA, headed by HMD Global, awaits a good response from its prospective buyers.


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