Photography centric user-friendly apps to look for on the internet

Instagram has changed its algorithm from a simple photo-centric app to short videos sharing tool. Photography lover users of the social media handle currently owned by Meta Facebook have been disappointed for a long time for its sudden change. But there are several other apps that can be availed on the internet that revolves around simple photography element.

Vero looks a lot like a simpler version of Instagram existing without the video add-ons. Vero is user-friendly and creator centric. Creators can get easily verified on the platform and get a chance to be discovered worldwide. Vero is currently ad-free, algorithm free, and currently free for early adopters. The app gives full mobility to the creators for using their photos as posts, links, or audio files. Users of the app can share their posts with close friends or can make them public just like what Instagram used to offer previously.

Another app is Pixelfeed, an open-source tool for advertisers which can be used as an alternative to Instagram. It is a free and ethical photo-sharing platform with no ads, third-party analytics, or tracking. The interface is Instagram-like minus the ads, stories, and reels. Users can select one from a variety of Pixelfed servers to register.

Flickr has been around for a long period of time and currently providing free services. Although free users won’t be able to use its 1TB of storage space. Flickr allows its customers to post up to 1,000 items for free but users have confirm to the terms and conditions of the website. Flickr doesn’t not allow partical nudity or sexual contents. It has a strict rules calling it moderate and restricted content and users are advised to abide by it. Flickr also included details on camera used for taking pics. User can download photos of different dimensions with the consent of the owner. If the user want to use the platform with unlimited uploads the can buye it for $72 a year.

Another professional photographers zone is Deviantart which user can avail for free. The interface of this app is more like art galleries where artists can exhibit a range of photographs. It offers the visitors to select from a wide range of artist galleries and is divided into categories such as traditional, animation, and illustration. The app makers created this to build a community of artists. Users can also sell their art by becoming the Core Member of the artists community. Artists can invest a little amount of $3.95 a month to sell their art with a 12% fee on gallery, download, or commission sales. Users can get $1000 of maximum rate per digital product along with 20GB of data storage space.