Experience walking the mountain trails with Walk The Distance app available on Google Play Store

If you want to start your day with fun exercise then there’s an app that can motivate you to have a quality exercise routine. Walk The Distance app is available on Google Play and lets you choose interactive trails covering long-distance routes. You can walk through local walking paths and experience finishing an Appalachian Trail (AT) and Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) without needing to go on actual hiking.

The app lets you experience famous landmarks of different mountainous regions or other natural locations such as Springer Mountain in Georgia or Kennedy Meadows in the Sierra Nevada. As you walk through your path the app will let you see little icons while you move along the map. When clicked these icons will reveal pictures and facts about that landmark region. Your exercising regime will be much more fun with a little twist fringe of information at the same time.

Walk The Distance is a perfect fit for geeks and scholars who don’t get much time to get out of their dorn to do some exercise due to a hectic university schedule. The app will definitely enhance your knowledge as you exercise. You can use a little walk or an evening stroll after your university classes to rejuvenate your brain for the next day’s task.

The descriptions provided in the icons are short and informative while the photographs are worth checking out. You can plan your next walk and schedule a location of your choice. So, if you are a grad student or a geek or someone who is just in need of a little excitement while jogging, Walk The Distance is the best you can get.