Elon Musk Tweet sparks a buzz among users

Today, Elon Musk tweet an anime image consisting two faces out of which one can be considered as Jesus and other as humans.

In which, the human asks, ‘am i been tested again? Is this one of your hardest battles?’ to Jesus.

To which Jesus replied, ‘You literally just need to put your phone down and go outside’.

Likewise, by looking at his post, many users blamed him that he’s being political over this post.

However, people still used his tweet against him as usual.

Many users brought his Twitter deal again in the frame, and criticised on why he freezed the deal?

Obviously, some also trolled him for using $44 bn for buying microblogging company Twitter and not using that money to get food for poor people.

However, his post literally showcased how today’s generation is stuck on their phones.

Many users praised his initiative for bringing this point on social media.


Elon Musk Tweet: