Elon Musk on Twitter, “Weather is fake. I seen Truman Show!”

Elon Musk responded to a survey that ranked ‘The Weather Channel’ as the most trusted by American viewers.

According to a survey conducted by Economist/YouGov, The Weather Channel receives the most support from both Democrats and Republicans when it comes to which media outlets to trust. The weather-focused cable channel is trusted by half of Republicans and 62 percent of Democrats.

It surveyed 1,500 Americans to determine how much they trust various prominent media outlets and news anchors. The poll, which was conducted from March 26 to 29, discovered that despite the fact that it rarely covers domestic politics, the Weather Channel is trusted by the majority of Americans; 52 percent of Americans trust it.

The Truman Show has been seen as an investigation of artificial reality, existentialism, surveillance, religion, metaphilosophy, privacy, and reality television.