A famous YouTube channel, Katira Classes hacked, no response from YouTube officials yet

An online platform called Katira Classes enables the most efficient and open handling of data for its tutoring classes. This user-friendly software includes outstanding features including online attendance, fee management, homework submission, full performance reports, and much more.

It is a great on-the-go alternative for parents to be aware of their children’s class information. It is adored by parents, teachers, and students alike for its remarkable fusion of simple user interface and fascinating functionality.
To help Gujarati-speaking kids succeed academically, the teacher Nishant Katira is playing a huge role. Through this channel, students can study crucial English and math fundamentals.

The very famous YouTube channel that runs under the name Katira Classes is not under the owner’s control anymore. The founder of the channel, Nishant Katira, recently tweeted from his Twitter account that his account has been hacked. He had 431K subscribers, which is a big number, is an educational channel, and was hacked on 2nd November 2022. He had requested the YouTube officials to take care of the matter as his page serves good deeds.

Although Team YouTube still hasn’t replied or taken care of the issue the person is suffering, even after 24 hours. The person has been constantly tweeting, and asking for help, but has zero response.


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