Let’s retrospect the history of 2 significant days of India- Republic Day and Independence Day

Republic Day 2022 is just on its way to come. Every year Republic Day is celebrated at Rajpath and India-Gate in front of the President of India where the Republic Day Parade is the main highlight.

Amid the excitement of Republic Day 2022, let’s follow up the history of these 2 significant days for India- Republic Day and Independence Day-

Republic Day History-

Cutout of ‘Indian Express’, 26 January 1950
  • 26 January 1950 marks the day on which our Indian Constitution came into effect.
  • Though the constitution was actually adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949 that we celebrate as ‘Constitution Day”(Samvidhan Diwas or National Law Day) it came into force on 26 January 1950.
  • Also, the date 26 January was chosen as, back in 1929, 26 January  Indian National Congress proclaimed the declaration of Indian Independence(Purna Swaraj) against the British Regime.
  • As the Constitution of India came to effect on 26 January 1950, the Government of India Act (1935) was replaced as the governing document of India.
  • 26 January 1950 also marks the beginning of the first presidency of India by Dr. Rajendra Prasad.


Independence Day History-

Cutout of ‘The Hindustan Times’, 15 August 1947
  • 15 August 1947 marks the Independence Day of India. This is the day that marks the end of British Rule in India.
  • It is the same day when the India-Pakistan partition happened. Exactly it was  14- 15 August 1950 midnight (Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on 14 August)
  • 1757 was the year British rule began in India, following the Battle of Plassey, the East India Company began to exercise control over India. The realm of East India Company continued for 100 years until direct British rule(British raj) overtook power. It was the duration of World War II when the Indian Independence movement started which was led by Mohandas k Gandhi.